Carmike Cinemas (lost feature presentation bumpers and policy trailers)

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Carmike Cinemas was a popular movie theater chain in America, however, It was bought by AMC Theatres in December 2016 before turning it into AMC Classic in May 2017. With that being done, it seems that most of these might have been destroyed and these might not never be seen again. With only more than twenty five years behind us, some will go missing, and if there are any that we are missing here, please fill it in here, please and thank you.

1982-Early 1990's

Made around the same time Carmike Cinemas was founded. Footage or evidence to this intro is lost forever and probably will never be found, however, the only known existence to this is what CLG Wiki claims it to be with no description on what the logo actually looked liked.

Early 1990's-1999

The original soundtrack to this intro is missing, however, parts of this can be seen on the Carmike Cinemas Orientation video from 1995. even though there is a full version of this intro that can be seen on Platypus Comix's website, it has a new music dubbed in instead of the original music. There was a eBay listing of this intro but it had "This theater has been operated by" on top of the Carmike Cinemas logo in yellow and now the link and pictures to that is gone.

Carmike cinemas logo.jpg
The Carmike Cinemas intro used from the early 1990's-1999. This was seen on the "Carmine Cinemas Orientation Video" (1995).


Screenshot found and confirmed to be on PreShow Productions Policy Demo DVD, which you can order it. A video of this was uploaded once, but was taken down.

The intro of Carmike Cinemas used from 2002-2005.
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