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Carrie Fisher being felt up by Chewbacca's actor Peter Mayhew on the set of Star Wars.

Carrie Fisher's most renowned role is undoubtedly that of Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy. Star Wars remain a cult phenomenon to this day and is arguably the most successful sci-fi franchise ever created. Having said that, its not surprising that a lot of you reading this article already know perfectly well of the existence of the 1970s photocopies of Fisher's breasts that were created on the set of Star Wars.

For those unfamiliar with the story, during the production of the first Star Wars film (i.e. Episode IV), Fisher was told by writer/director George Lucas not to wear a bra, as "there wasn't any lingerie in space". She agreed, instead having to tape her breasts down before filming, which spawned an in-joke between crew members, when Fisher jokingly suggested that "At the end of the day we should have an auction with the crew—whoever wins gets to rip the gaffer tape off my breasts". She then decided to take the joke a step further, by photocopying her breasts and having copies passed around to various crew members.[1]

It is unknown of any of these photocopies still exist; if they do, they're surely in the hands of the aforementioned Star Wars crew members, who will likely never see reason to publicly release them.


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