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Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue The Movie is a 2015 made-for-internet animated adventure comedy crossover fan film made by Jeremy McAbee and was released to YouTube in 2015. A previous version featuring drawn versions of SpongeBob, Patrick, Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus, Wander and Sylvia was made but only seen through images.


Basically a clone of "The Brave Little Toaster".


  • The characters said before were poorly drawn.
  • There was a scene where Peppa vores George, this was cut due to how the person doesn't want to be harassed by people.
  • A birthday scene featuring Pocoyo, Finn from Adventure Time, Steven from Steven Universe and Wubbzy from Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! was planned.
  • An version of "There Goes The Sun, Here Comes The Night!" was gonna be made with the Nintendo 3DS system.