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In celebration of their twentieth anniversary, Cartoon Network revived '''Cartoon Planet'''as a new block that aired older archive cartoon programming that was otherwise no longer aired on Cartoon Network or its sister channel Boomerang. Like the original program with which it shares a title, it was used to air archive cartoon programming, this time non-Hanna Barbera, along with bumpers once again featuring characters from the ''Space Ghost'' franchise. This block aired on Friday evenings and initially featured primarily classic "cartoon cartoons".
Although the revival was intended for a family-friendly audience, the returning hosts Brak and Zorak, reprised by voice actors Andy Merril and C. Martin Croker, remain true to their personalities featured in the original ''Cartoon Planet'' as well as its sister show ''Space Ghost: Coast to Coast'' and spin-off ''The Brak Show'', although Space Ghost did not appear. (A clone was featured in one bump.) Although new backgrounds were created, the character poses were similar to the original low-budget animation style used in the previous shows.
The block increasingly phased-out older programming in favor of airing recent shows, often unpopular and short-lived ones, sometimes shows that may have aired the same episode some hours earlier. It was eventually ended unceremoniously in 2014.
Some of the more popular bumpers remain available from Cartoon Network's YouTube channel, but are not viewable within all countries as a result, and some bumpers are presumably lost.
==Bumpers unarchived==
Official uploads:
*Hello Everybody (intro)
*Pizza Song
*I'm an Eggplant Song
Discovered footage:
*Brak Impersonates a Chicken (Audio found, original video still missing)
*Advice from Brak's Sweet Old Mother
*Mini Break
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