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Super Castlevania 4 preview ad

Castlevania IV commercial.

A preview commercial for Super Castlevania IV, then titled simply Castlevania IV, shows many notable differences:

  • The title screen/main menu is much simpler and has a strange watermark in the center.
  • The game appears to be 2 player.
  • The HUD is completely different and reminiscent of the original Castlevania games.
  • Almost none of the level layouts shown are the same as the final.
  • The outdoor sections seem to have much browner, autumnal palettes, though this could be due to low-quality recordings.
  • The skeletons seem to have different AI. They seem to follow Simon endlessly, but this leads to them walking endlessly into a wall at around 0:10. In the final game, the AI is modified to make them weave back and forth, which both makes them harder to hit and avoids the AI bug.
  • The snakelike boss shown early on is entirely absent from the final game.
  • A level select is shown. There is a level select in the final, but it cannot be accessed without cheating and it looks completely different from the one shown.
  • The barn segment has bizarre enemies that appear to be possessed suits of armor.
  • The skeleton horse boss's neck moves all around instead of only moving in front of the body, creating a somewhat comical appearance.
  • The sub-weapons seem partially implemented; although the graphics for them appear on the HUD, they do not seem to be used.