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SGB look back: 3D sonic games

In November 2008. A youtuber named "Somecallmejohnny released a 3 part series of reviews of Sonic adventure, Sonic adventure 2, Sonic heroes, Shadow the hedgehog, Sonic 2006 and Sonic and the Secret rings to celebrate the release of Sonic unleashed. The reviews themselves were very quick and were filmed at a time when Johnny just put his camera in front of the TV. Johnny later deleted all 3 parts because he was displeased with the videos. He said in the description of his 2012 review of Sonic adventure:

" Back in November of 2008, I originally did a few quick Sonic reviews showcasing all of Sonic's 3D titles. I ended up deleting those videos because I always wanted to give the games full-out reviews and my opinions since then have changed dramatically. It's now time to make those full reviews."

Surviving footage

In some of Johnny's older videos such as "SGB Review - Mortal Kombat 1 & 2 and SGB Review - Contra 1 - 4 an intro featuring stock footage from some of his videos was used. Around 18 seconds into the introduction. A 2 second clip of a recording of Sonic 2006 can be seen, this is most likely from one of the 3 videos because judging by the "Vizio logo at the bottom, this footage was not captured, rather it was recorded directly in front of the TV. Johnny would later make a separate review of Sonic 2006, which was captured. Meaning that those 2 seconds is the only footage that currently exists.

Somecallmejohnny was no where near as popular as it is now back in 2008, meaning that chances of somebody having the videos archived is highly unlikely. (Ironically 2 other Somecallmejohnny videos from the early days (which were his original reviews of Big rigs and Sonic 2006) were archived and uploaded to youtube. However SGB look back: 3D sonic games remains to be considered lost forever.

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