Cecile and her very own universe
Promotional image for the show
Status Lost
Cecile and Her Very Own Universe was an animated segment aired as part of Phred on Your Head Show on Noggin in 2002.

No videos or images (aside from a promotional picture) exist on the Internet. A description of the series available on the production company's site is given below.

A cartoon heroine for the new millennium, Cecile is a 12-year-old girl living in the huge, sprawling underground future world of Metro. She has a bionic arm, a canine computerized companion, and a secret. While everyone else is busy digging to the center of the gigantic planet, Cecile is doing the opposite. They don't know that she has a life "on the surface" where her curiosity leads her again and again. What she learns there lies at the heart of this unusual series, and her private diaries posted on will provide an intimate glimpse into her thoughts and feelings, and hopefully inspire viewers to chronicle their own thoughts and experiences. While tapping into kids' natural passion for science fiction, the series is designed to model the joy of discovery, exploration and curiosity through a young girl's insatiable appetite for learning. Cecile generates her own questions, investigates the unknown, and joyfully shares her discoveries with others. Her character embodies a never-ending delight for learning. As of right now only a promotional image has ever resurfaced.

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