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The Colgate 2014 Fappening is a mass leak of nude celebrity pictures sponsored by Colgate, the company best known for their toothpaste, national defense products, and orange juice. The list of celebrities whose nude pictures are leaked as follows

  • Brian Pringles - He directed "Feces of Death"
  • Garbage Nelson - He was an extra in the background of "Miami Phice"
  • Keyboard Logiegon - Screenwriter of the entire WW2 pacific theater
  • Barry Bearass - A director who doesn't have a bare ass or a bear ass; he won't stop wiping it with already used toilet paper
  • Goge Washeltov - The main actor in "I throw my toilet paper in the trash as opposed to in the toilet"
  • Pepper Gish - He got me thinking about FECES
  • Autumn Robinson - The catering director for "Full House but well above its legal capacity please dont tell the landlord"
  • Jawnee Dehp - Some pirate actor guy
  • Steffen Hilling Berk - He voiced some sponge on television idk i dont watch infomercials
  • Everybody on the View - Whoopie and gettin no whoopie!