Celebrity Deathmatch: Top 10 was a season 3 special, hosted by Jerry Springer listing the top 10 matches of the show.

Pop music icon "Moby" stated that he did not care much for the violence and felt the show to be inappropriate. Legendary drummer Tommy Lee felt that the show was incredible, and even reenacted the death blow that took place on his death match. This episode has become a rarity among the trading community, and is always omitted from home video releases and other type of collections.

The episode enjoyed a single MTV airdate of Sunday, January 7, 2001, and to date, no footage of the episode has made its way to the internet.

Celebrity Deathmatch Season 4 Episode 20: Behind the Scenes is also a missing episode. The episode is a special that focuses on the how the animators made the figures and how they filmed it.

The original air-date for this episode was November 30th 2002, and was the last aired episode of the original series.


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