Lost Media Archive

In January of 2015, Chadtronic upload a video from his Reaction Series which featured a mix of various clips from Speedruners livestreams (Speedrunning being a term for a popular type of style of gameplay, which centers around finishing a game, usually in the highest level of difficulty, in the smallest window of time as possible). At the beginning of the video, Chadtronic declares that he is not making fun of Speedrunners in any way.

It is unknown whether his video was deleted by personal request, copyright infringement, or negative reception by fans. (grammar fixed by ryanbot)

EDIT: 9/27/2015

The link to the video was found only to find out that it was privated. The link can be seen here


A reddit page has also been found asking Chadtronic why the video was privated. And his response was "Let's just say GDQ doesn't enjoy those videos on youtube... :("

The link can be seen here


EDIT: 9/28/2015

The video has now been found on Chadtronic's website!


EDIT: 3/5/2016

Chadtronic's website is now down. But someone has uploaded the video to YouTube.


EDIT: 6/27/2016

The video is now unavailable unfortunately.