Channel Umptee-3 (also known simply as Umptee-3) is a Saturday morning animated television series created by Jim George and produced by Norman Lear that aired on The WB in 1997. Ogden Ostrich, Sheldon S. Cargo (a snail), and Holey Moley (a mole, of course) drive around the world in a van with their own underground television station, while fleeing the wrath of corporate-villain Stickley Rickets (Stickley and his henchmen are often called “The Frumps” by Ogden). This one-season cartoon show was designed to teach kids to appreciate the wonders of everyday things, such as sleep and water. The title is derived from the fictitious number “umpteen.”

Only a few episodes have surfaced onto YouTube around 2014, while the rest are missing. These missing episodes are:

  • 1. "The Music Show"
  • 4. "What’s So Funny"
  • 5. "The Now Voyagers"
  • 6. "Just Add Water"
  • 7. "Perchance to Dream"
  • 8. "Sale of the Century"
  • 9. "The Fear Show"
  • 11. "Yours, Mine, and Ours"
  • 13. "Words Are Weird"
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