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Charlie Chan Carries On is the first Charlie Chan film to feature the actor Warner Oland in the title role. He was in the English version of the film, which is now lost. However, a Spanish version of the film, made after the original version was filmed and starring Spanish actors, does still exist and is the special feature on the Charlie Chan in Shanghai DVD; this version is called Eran Trece.

Plot Summary

When an inspector from Scotland Yard is shot in his office, Charlie Chan must take his place on a world tour during which two men have been murdered by a man named Eagan. Eagan is the lawful husband of a woman who years ago ran off with his partner and took a bag of diamonds with them; he is on the tour under a new identity and is seeking revenge for their betrayal. He first kills a man who by chance was occupying his former martnerès quarters by mistake and then succeeds in killing his partner. Later, after wounding a guard at the entrance to the Honolulu Police Department building, he shoots an inspector from Scotland Yard who is on the trail of Eagan, forcing Charlie Chan to take over for him. While on the cruise, Charlie Chan combs the ship for Eagan but is unable to find him until he gets the idea of sending every man on the voyage a letter addressed to Eagan. When Eagan tries to kill Charlie Chan, Charlie Chan captures him, and he is charged with the murders of the men and with the murder of his estranged wife Carlotta.


The Spanish language version features the actor Manuel Arbo as Charlie Chan and is the only foreign language Chan film to be made by an American studio. The negative from this film was lost in one of the two warehouse fires, in 1936 and 1961.


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