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Charlie and Froggy VHS cover

Charlie Strapp and Froggy Ball Flying High is an English dub of the 1991 Swedish animated film Kalle Stropp och Grodan Boll på svindlande äventyr which is based on the Kalle Stropp och Grodan Boll radio series created by Thomas Funck.

The dub was only released on VHS in Canada by Alliance Films under the name Charlie and Froggy. However the actual film is still called Charlie Strapp and Froggy Ball Flying High. Copies of the VHS tape are extremely rare, and the only English dub clips came from voice demos. The full English dub wouldn't be uploaded onto Youtube until August 2016. The English dub was produced by Filmor, and the voice acting was recorded in Montreal, Quebec by Cinelume.

Most of the characters' names were changed and four minutes of footage were removed. Additional dialogue was also added to some scenes. The English dub also does a bad attempt at hiding the fact that it's set in Sweden.

This was not the first time that a Kalle Stropp och Grodan Boll film was released in Canada. The 1987 short film Kalle Stropp och Grodan Boll räddar hönan was dubbed in Canadian French as Criquet et Grenouillot which aired on Radio-Québec (now Télé-Québec) in 1989. Unlike the English dub of Charlie Strapp and Froggy Ball Flying High; this dub has no home video release.

If anyone has this dub, notified in the comment section.

Update:Youtube channel Lost Animations uploaded the English dub onto Youtube. The original upload has been deleted but copies exist elsewhere.

Update 2: As it's been removed on Youtube, a copy of the English dub from a Channel 5 UK airing has been uploaded on MEGA https://mega.nz/file/k8p2xILZ#tnAJ-SrBg3oXmqw_JlOib-uX-juD1tNIdcGOHl593cI

Dub Name Changes

  • Kalle Stropp - Charlie Strapp
  • Grodan Boll - Froggy Ball
  • Sheet-Niklas - Tin Can Harry
  • The Parrot - Polly
  • The Fox - Phil
  • King Cone - King Cornelius
  • Queen Cone - Queen Cordelia
  • Princess Green Cone - Princess Connie Green Cone

What is strange about it is that the back of the VHS cover uses the original Swedish names for The Parrot and Green Cone and has a translated version of Sheet-Niklas' name as Metal Nicky.



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