Charlie the Unicorn Q&A Livestream(s)

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On February 24, 2016 and February 28, 2016, the FilmCow YouTube channel did animated livestreams in which Charlie the Unicorn answered questions from viewers as part of a promotion for the Charlie the Unicorn: The Grand Finale Kickstarter. There may have also been other livestreams in addition to these two. The content of the February 28th stream - Charlie the Unicorn's LIVE Oscars Spectacular! - can be found in this unlisted video, but none of the others seem to be publicly available anywhere aside from a small number of short clips that people apparently recorded via screen capture software. Given that the Oscars livestream is unlisted but technically available (though it has a very low number of views), it seems possible that the other livestreams might be as well, but this is unknown.

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