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Charlotte's Web (1973) - deleted scene (Swedish version)

In the 1973 animated version of the E.B. White novel Charlotte's Web, there are three deleted scenes that were originally used in the film, but cut from surviving prints.

The first scene is shown right after Mrs. Zuckerman phones the typewriter company when Lurvy sees "Terrific" in the spider's web. We then see a group of newspaper boys announcing the second miracle, while riding their bikes through town. During this scene, they pass by a barbershop, a man on a telephone pole, and a school.

The second scene is shown right after we see Avery and Lurvy spot Jeffery trying to get into Wilbur’s crate. The truck stops so Avery can put Jeffery on the ground, and the latter tries to catch up with the truck, but to no avail. His mother then proceeds to lead a disheartened Jeffery and his siblings to the pond for a swim.

The third scene is shown after we see Fern and Henry riding the Ferris Wheel. The group (namely Mr. Zuckerman, Avery, Luvry, Fern, and Henry) arrives to check on Wilbur. After they find him asleep, Fern blows him a kiss, and Lurvy and Avery are shown respectively yawning and sleeping from the excitement of the fair. (There's an animation goof in the latter shot, with Lurvy's hair miscolored gray instead of blond.) The group then drives off in their truck.

For unknown reasons, these sequences were removed from subsequent releases on VHS and DVD, and possibly TV broadcasts. However, it was used for international (non-USA) 1980s VHS releases, particularly in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany (although the Swedish version doesn't include the third scene). The second scene, in Swedish, can be viewed above. It is currently unknown if an English-language version of these scenes still exists, or if they even appear on UK/Australian VHS releases. So far, it's confirmed that those scenes weren't included in the 1990 Australian broadcast for The Magical World of Disney, as well as a Canadian VHS release from the 1980s.