Cheri-Bibi is a lost 1913 silent French serial based on the novel by the same name by Gaston Leroux, starring Raoul Navarre as Maxime and Cheri-Bibi and Josette Andriot as Cecily, Maxime's wife and Chri-Bibi's one true love.

Plot Description

It is the story of a blacksmith's apprentice who's convicted unjustly for the murder of his employer, and is put aboard a ship bound for Devil's Island. His real name is Jacues Renaud, but he's acquired the nickname "Cheri-Bibi" in criminal circles. Escaping from his cell on the boat, he leads a rebellion of the prisoners and takes the Captain and his officers prisoner. Then, he rescues Count Maxime de Touchais from the sea after his Lordship's yacht sinks. Desiring to lead a quiet life, he has a doctor, Kranak, use his skill with tissue grafting to put the now dead Maxime's face over his skull. After returning to Franch, Cheri-Bibi successfully poses as Maxime while trying to retrieve Kranak's will from his home there. Unfortunately, he then discovers that Maxime was the real murderer of his former employer! He sets fire to the Maison de Touchais, leaves a body in the fire for the police to find afterward, and then escapes screaming into the night.


This film was a French Pathe production produced by Gaston Leroux based on his novel, and its sequel is the later serial A New Dawn, which itself was later remade as the 1938 version of Cheri-Bibi. Apparently, the same actor portrayed both Maxime and Jaques Renaud/Cheri-Bibi.


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