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Chi Yong is an unreleased PS1 game that was in development in 1996 by an unknown company under the name of Lightspeed Productions(who could actually be a misspell of Lightspan Productions actually, but the game doesn't seem to have any educational parts, so that's unconfirmed). It was supposedly a 4 player fighting game with digitized actors. No one knows why it was cancelled, & it's also unknown if Lightspeed Productions even exists. We could assume this game was simply a hoax, & the company doesn't exist, though that's only a theory.

Things that might prove that the game is a hoax/fake

  1.  The screenshot looks to have stolen assets from a bunch of sources, most likely arcade fighters. Plus, the sunset background looks to be a stock image.
  2. The Next Generation logo looks to be VERY poorly plastered in. They most likely never made a preview of this game at all.
  3. There is another company called Lightspeed Productions who is seemingly completely unrelated.
  4. Even with that excluded, there are multiple companies with the word Lightspeed in there, as well as Lightspan Productions, a company who produced educational PS1 games.
  5. The boat doesn't seem to match the rest of the picture, & looks to be floating above the water.
  6. WHO THE HECK IS CHI YONG!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The only screenshot known to exist of this game.