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"Delicass Harmonium" is a lost album by Chris Horne (AKA: "christ.") which was released in 1996. The album was released on Chris's label: "Hyperact Records". Several tracks were released on Chris's compilation albums "Curio. Volume 1.", "Curio. Volume 2." and "Curio. Volume 3.", these tracks include:

Christ delicass.jpg

"Malachi Constant"

"Venus Genetrix"

"Sea Of Nectar"

An excerpt of "Delicass Song"

"Penny Yellow"


Not that much information is known about this album other than the album was recorded on a 4-track and it was recorded in Mentat Studio, Edinburgh.

Track Listing:

01: Malachi Constant

02: The History Of Being Human

03: Venus Genetrix

04: Sea Of Nectar

05: Delicass Song

06: Penny Yellow

07: Mote

08: Channis Harmonium

09: Fallopia

10: Cambodia