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Peter and the Wolf was a very well-known composition by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev in the late 1930s, but what's interesting about it is that 3 animated adaptations become more popular. One of them is an adaptation by Looney Tunes genius Chuck Jones, made around 1995 and was released a year later by BMG Video in 1996.

Before It Became an Animated Film

In early production stages, it was originally going to be a PC game with interactive biographies, a point-of-view of the orchestra, and interviews with Sergei Prokofiev and Chuck Jones (as previously mentioned). The character designs in the game looked more different comparing to the film itself. Although, it has been mentioned in the credits of the film version, Time Warner Interactive was the main developer for the game.


Peter and the Wolf

Promotional material about the game.

A Few Things Found

In addition to the trailer about the game, there have been four screenshots (from the Dutch version) found on the internet, as well as the game's cover.


The PC game's cover.