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Clerks is a 1994 comedy film that helped put Kevin Smith's name on the map. The movie was shot entirely in black and white and was known for having a very thin plot. The film remains mostly in-tact, except for one element that has left fans searching for many years.

The scene in question involves Randal looking through the video store in much more detail. The audio survived, but the video is now permanently lost. Smith claims to have burned the film by complete accident. Thankfully, the scene is not vital to the rest of the movie, and was only there to help add to the comedy.

The original scene has never surfaced and will forever remain lost, as there are no other copies of the footage in existence, although included on the Clerks 10th Anniversary Edition DVD, there was a documentary on the film that attempted a reconstructed version of the scene, using the original audio and screen captures of the entire montage.

Another scene of note is the one that involves Randal and Dante going into the funeral and knocking over the coffin. This scene was never shot, as it would have cost too much to rent and shoot in the funeral home. It was finally created via animation and released on the 10th anniversary DVD.


Clerks The Movie The Lost Ending!

Yet another scene of note is the original intended ending where Dante gets shot and killed by a robber. This scene was cut from the final film, being seen as too dark for such a light-hearted comedy. The ending is still in circulation and can easily be found on YouTube and other sites.