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Album Cover portraying the events in Cliffeltip 1
Album Cover portraying the events in Cliffeltip 3

Cliffeltip is a animatic styled show about 3 stick figures named Toi, Maec, and Squarehead. created by indigo. It has been officially canceled in 2021, but a reboot is being completed, having a different story from the original series.

My favorite parts in Cliffeltip 1
Snippets of Cliffeltip 1 My favorite parts in Cliffeltip 1

Episode 2 of the original series has been discovered through yandex, because it was unlisted and still watchable.

  • Episode 1 Plot (The Void)

released in july 2020, the first episode consists of toi in a blank white background talking to the viewers and mentions indigo, the creators youtube channel. toi sees some sort of pull chain lightswitch and decides to pull on it, teleporting him to the void where only one person is allowed at a time. toi sees a character called arrowhead in the void and arrowhead questions about who toi is. toi responds with a “your mom” joke and later says that he wants to get out. his friends don’t notice him being gone, toi gets launched out of the void back into the blank background and his friends wondered where toi went.

the archived description reads, The first part to a new series! Welcome Maec, Toi, and others into this new world of Cliffeltip.

  • Episode 3

not much of episode 3 is known, with the only details being tiny sneak peeks of the script, a runtime of 10 minutes, the credits music, and a album cover teaser for the episode.

And from a poll, it would’ve had a small musical part in the episode,

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