During the summer of 1990, Club Mario replaced the Mario Bros. live-action segments of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. This featured "extreme" Mario-obsessed teenagers Tommy Treehugger and Co M.C. (Chris Coombs and and Michael Anthony Rawlins) goofing around, and in at least one episode, running around the DiC studios and harassing DiC executive producer Andy Heyward. Victoria Delany played Tommy's sister Tammy Treehugger. Rawlins also portrayed Co M.C.'s twin brother "Evil Eric". An additional added segment was a one-to-two-minute viewing of Spaced Out Theater, hosted by Princess Centauri, a green alien woman, which was edited from the TV series, Photon.

It is not sure if all of the content is missing or if said content was supposedly destroyed after airing, especially seeing how none of it was reused for future releases of DiC's Super Mario cartoons.

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