Template:InfoboxLostCodeine is one of the definitive bands of the Slowcore genre. Their 1990 debut album, Frigid Stars LP, received critical acclaim upon release. Their unique sense of rhythm; hard-hitting, emotional lyrics; and their dark, brooding sound inspired other slowcore bands and helped usher in the post-rock movement of the 1990s.

They returned to the studio in the summer of 1992 to record a new album under the title Barely Real. Under the pressure of following up their debut, the band felt that many of the songs they were writing was just treading the same water explored on Frigid Stars. Unsatisfied with the results, lead singer/guitarist, Stephen Immerwahr cut over half the tracks planned for the album and decided to instead release the album as a 5-song EP. A couple of the deleted tracks were re-recorded 2 years later for their 1994 album, The White Burch. The versions on the album, however, were greatly changed and reworked.

The original and deleted tracks have never surfaced and were not included on the 2012 reissuing of the EP. Many fans have desperately searched for the tracks, hoping to construct what could have been the band's second full length release. Word has it, though, the tracks were recorded over by The White Burch recordings and are gone forever.

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