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Colonel Bleep's ARRIVAL ON EARTH

Colonel Bleep's ARRIVAL ON EARTH

An episode from Colonel Bleep

Colonel Bleep was an animated series that ran from 1957 to 1960. It was the first animated television series to be produced in color. It had 100 episodes.

In the early 1970s, when the original prints were being put onto a van, it was stolen by car thieves, and the contents have never turned up since then.

Only 44 of these episodes are available, having been discovered in the vault of a Southwestern TV station that once aired the series.

Some of the surviving episodes were released on VHS in the 1990s. More would be released on DVD in 2005. They are also in the public domain.

List of Surviving Episodes

  1. Building an Island Base
  2. Col. Bleep's Arrival on Earth
  3. Danger Below
  4. Dangerous Holiday
  5. Exposed
  6. Fire Water
  7. Knight of Death
  8. Man Hunt on the Moon
  9. Nightmare
  10. Satellite of Death
  11. Scratch and His Feathered Friend
  12. Scratch and the Sea Serpent
  13. Shadows of Suspicion
  14. Squeak and the Terrible Termite
  15. Test of Friendship
  16. The Bat and the Bottle
  17. The Earth from Outer Space
  18. The Evil Eye
  19. The Firebomb
  20. The Ghastly Ghost
  21. The Greedy Gorilla
  22. The Hypnotic Helmets
  23. The Ingenious Invention
  24. The Invisible Gorilla
  25. The Killer Whale
  26. The Lunar Luger
  27. The Pirate Plot
  28. The Prehistoric Present
  29. The Runaway Rocket
  30. The Treacherous Pirate
  31. The Treacherous Trio
  32. The Uncharted Island
  33. The Wicked Web
  34. Tunnel in Space
  35. War in Robotland

List of Known Lost Episodes

  1. A Windy Knight[1] (Rediscovered)
  2. Ball of Fire
  3. Battle of the Aces[2]
  4. Ice Demons Attack (Rediscovered)
  5. In Days of Knights[3]
  6. Scratch and the Sputnik[4]
  7. Space Station X-1[5] (Rediscovered)
  8. Squeak and the Black Knight[6]
  9. Terror That Ticks[7]
  10. The Big Picture[8]
  11. The Double Disguise[9]
  12. The Falling Star
  13. The Incredible Iceman[10]
  14. The Magnetic Moon[11] (Rediscovered)
  15. The Martian Mine[12]
  16. The Mechanical Twin[13]
  17. The Missile and the Moonmites[14]
  18. The Relentless Rain[15] (Rediscovered)
  19. The Rusty Robots[16] (Rediscovered)
  20. The Sinister Shortcut[17]
  21. The Sinister Statue[18]
  22. The Spell of Doom[19]
  23. The War Game[20]
  24. The Uncharted Earth[21]
  25. Traffic Jam in Space[22]
  26. The Magic Lamp[23]

List of Uncovered Episodes

  • Winner Take All[24]

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