Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 is a strategy game released in the year 2000 by Westwood Studios. It is widely
Full intro with the bootleg translation

Full intro with the bootleg translation

regarded as one of the best RTS games ever made.

Around that time in Poland, the phenomenon known as "Marketplace Translations" was on the rise, with Russians creating cheap, makeshift and very strange tranlations, widely regarded as so-bad-it's-good and unintentionally hilarious by Polish gamers. And while many of them re-surfaced, Red Alert 2's never did.

What is known about this translation?

These bootlegs were sold at the Stadion Dziesięciolecia in Warsaw around 2001[1], but they were also seen in the Czech Republic[2].

Both the vanilla game and the Yuri's Revenge mission pack were translated. It is reported that they were sold under different names, such as "Czerwony Alarm 2" ( Red Alert 2 literally translated to Polish), and "Czerwony Alarm 2: Zemsta Jerzego/Jurka" (With the name Yuri being translated to it's polish equivalent - the name Jerzy, or in some cases Jurek).

The game was allegedly translated from the official Russian version to Polish, as evident by one video showing the full intro with the official Russian Red Alert 2 logo on the beggining[3].

One of the antagonists, Yuri was sometimes refered to as "Jurik", "Jurij" or as mentioned before "Jerzy" and Jurek.

It is known for sure that the in-game text was also translated, with the most well-known example being "Czy na pewno chcesz wyjść z Czerwony Alarm: Zemsta Jerzego?"[4].

Only three translated unit names are known - the Giant Squid was translated as Giganci Skwit, the Rocketeer got translated as Rakietczyk, and the Desolator got translated as Zniszczywacz[5]


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