Commando is a 1985 cult classic action movie directed by Mark L. Lester, and starring bodybuilder-turned-actor Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Retired Delta Force Operative Colonel John Matrix). The movie received positive reviews from film critics, as well became a box office hit.

The first version of film's script include the torture scene of John Matrix. Schwarzenegger's character experiences flashbacks of the interrogation he was subjected to during his earlier mission. The scenes of Schwarzenegger being whipped, burnt with cigarettes, cutted with knife on pectorals and biceps, and electroshocked on his torso and armpits were filmed, but deleted because of the violent nature. Some of the scenes filmed in 1985 shows Matrix with scars on his chest and biceps. There was also some unused dialogue: in one scene Matrix talks with his general about being tortured for more than two months and not broken, in other—the interrogation scene—he is asked about his mission by Asian interrogator, but refuses to answer (which causes the electric shocks torture). The whipping and cigarette burning torture shows Schwarzenegger's character completely naked (buttocks are seen, genitals are covered). The deleted sequences are believed to existing in private sets of movie collectors.

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