the community world theater in tacoma washington was a rock venue in 1987-1988, previously a porn theater it was later home to the northwest punk/grunge movement which was at the time still new, the most famous band to play there was Nirvana.

the person who ran the soundboard said he tried to record as many shows as possible but lost the tapes.

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana (Then Known as "Bliss") playing live at the theater in 1987

only some audience video tapes and audio tapes have leaked, only a select few tapes are found but the most for one band are 3 Nirvana tapes and 2 of a post hardcore band called My Name have been available to the public although many images especially posters are available to the public most of the tapes and pictures are uploaded by Mike Ziegler on his CWT webpage and his YouTube archive but on his CWT webpage used to have short audio clips available to download, these have since been removed

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