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"Como Renacer" (How to be reborn) is a Chilean song about a guerrilla 1996 jail escape written by Carola Muñoz. The studio-recorded version of this song is currently lost, although there is a live recording on YouTube.

Original Post

In late 1996, four members of the terrorist guerrilla front "Frente Patriotico Manuel Rodriguez" escaped from jail via helicopter, an event that is still widely celebrated by the Chilean far-left. To conmemorate this prison break, a YouTube account called "TamaraTVChile" posted a video consisting of rare footage of the escape mixed in with some firsthand testimonies of the event. The curious thing about this video is that near the end of said video, they included a snippet of the song over various photos of the event. [1] At the end of the video, a black screen shows up with the Spanish text:

"Reedición 2012, a partir del original de Javier Bertín y acompañado por el tema de Carola, 'Como Renacer'."

which translates to

"Re-edition 2012, using the original from Javier Bertin and paired up with Carola's song 'How to be Reborn'."

First Found Live Recording

In 2019, to commemorate the translation of one of the escapees from a Brazilian jail to a Chilean one, the same channel uploaded a full concert done in his honor. At 13:01, the same artist plays the same song in front of a live audience. [2] Unfortunately for us, the recording is cut off and the full song cannot be heard.

Second Found Live Recording

Later on in the search, it was found out that in mid-2012, a live recording of said song was uploaded to YouTube. [3] Unfortunately, being from almost a decade ago, the quality of the recording is poor, with lots of background noise, little reverb, and poor kbps. The studio recording of this song has yet to be found.

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