Conker's Bad Fur Day
(Lost original ending)
Status Lost

Conker's Bad Fur Day an 2001 video game developed and published by Rare on the Nintendo 64[1].

After the game is become as a critical acclaim from video game journalists, there is an different ending from the final cut after it released where it was very tragic.

Differences from final release


Conker's Bad Fur Day Ending

The ending cut-scene in final release


Conker's Bad Fur Day True Ending

The full story about the true original ending narrated by Melon Guy.

In the original version of the game, when Conker defeated Heinrich (The Partner King) with the katana from help of the programmers (jokingly was Rare themselves) until he was teleport to the throne room as a result, he is crowned the new King of the land, but Conker haven't notice of Berri to bring back to life but the programmers have gone.

The scene cuts to the bar where Conker is feeling so stricken with grief over his loss of Berri, and being miserable as king. After it Conker is going to the bathroom looking at the mirror feeling upset, until he had the shotgun (where he got it on the empty room with the programmers from before) then he point at his head, the screen is turned to pitch black and the sound of gunshot heard in the background where Conker the Squirrel is committed suicide[2].

After it was been made, Rare themselves was worried about it that this ending is been scrapped and changed of Conker got drunken and decided to walk back home to save it for the sequel, the original ending is never seen on this day.


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