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In 1997, a series of talking Sesame Street character T-shirts were manufactured. Some of these included the Elmo T-shirt "Elmo's zippy new race car goes so fast! VROOM! VROOM!" and the (controversial) Cookie Monster one "Time to Truck!". The t-shirts were once sold in K-Mart stores, but are now out of print.

In 1998, a Super K-Mart in Lakewood, Colorado had pulled millions of Cookie Monster T-shirts off the shelves when many consumers complained that the soundchip attached to the T-shirt has been misheard for a curse word. However, Cookie Monster, depicted as a dump truck driver, was meant to say "Time to Truck," but due to the improper sound file compression, the last word was reportedly misheard as "F#%K." Many parents complained that their children, wearing Cookie Monster t-shirts like this, were repeatedly pressing the button on their t-shirts and activating the soundchip, with Cookie Monster saying "Time to F#%k" and teaching kids "how to talk dirty instead of learn." As a result, Super K-Mart stores had pulled thousands of millions of talking Cookie Monster "Time to Truck" t-shirts off the shelves, leaving the Elmo T-shirt ""Elmo's zippy new race car goes so fast! VROOM! VROOM!" to be the only talking Sesame Street t-shirt left in stock.[1]

Today, there are no copies of the t-shirt available on any auction sites, and there are also no images of the t-shirt anywhere on the Internet. None of them can be found on eBay, either.