Lost Media Archive

Justin Harty, known online as CoolSuperMarioBros, was an infamous Mario plushtuber that joined YouTube back in 2014, he was mostly infamous due to the fact he was a ripoff of the more popular and well-received plushtuber SuperMarioLogan, such as for example, CSMB used a character named Chef Pee Pee, who was already created by Logan in 2011, and some characters and videos were copied, such as Shrek's Bath (CSMB), which was a ripoff of Shrek's Bath Problem (SML).

The profile picture CSMB used prior to his termination

In late-2017, Justin stopped making plush videos to focus on videos of farming machines and trucks, it's currently unknown why he made the change but it's possible it was because of the negative reception of his plush videos, despite the fact he also uploaded videos of farming machines back in his plush-tuber days.

In May 2019, Justin's main channel, CoolSuperMarioBros, was terminated from YouTube due to violations of the Community Guidelines, however, the exact same cause of his termination is unknown, as of today, the only surviving remains of the channel are some reaction videos by other YouTubers,  and some short clips of various videos uploaded by various other YouTubers, including an unknown video, which was featured in EXPOSING SUPERMARIOLOGAN COPYCATS by El Frankie Tomastic.