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Cooly Skunk (クーリースカンク Kūrī Sukanku), known in USA as Punky Skunk, is a 1996 PlayStation platform video game developed by Ukiyotei and published in Japan by Visit and in USA by Jaleco USA. The player controls an anthropomorphic skunk, Cooly (Punky in USA version) who needs to save the world from the evil Wolf Pack. It's game plays much like other side-scrolling action games, featuring a set of special tools such as a skunk spray, digging claws, and a snowboard. Despite being released on PlayStation, it was unfinished and its Super Famicom origins.

This game was originally planned to release for Super Famicom in February 23, 1996, but it was cancelled likely due to the new PlayStation and Saturn consoles, that “killed” the SNES and Mega Drive/Genesis market. The game was shown in the Shoshinkai 1995.

Only some screenshots and no prototypes or other information of the original unreleased Super Famicom version have resurfaced.