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According to a Reddit post on r/anime (https://www.reddit.com/r/Animesuggest/comments/1wlv1u/was_urusei_yatsura_ever_dubbed_into_english_as/), the user TurboGuppy claimed that in the late 1980s, there was a show he used to watch on television in Alaska when he was a kid, called Cosma the invader Girl. TurboGuppy described the show being an animated comedy series about a green-haired space girl, Cosma, and her brother Jerry, who decided to settle into the house of an average (though unusually girl crazy) boy named Chris. The user described that Cosma could fly and zapped people with electricity, and that her brother could breathe fire. Other characters included his jealous girlfriend, his long suffering Spanish teacher Professor Vasquez and Guru the monk, who talked in a stereotypical Jewish accent and made frequent pop culture references, and Reggie, an arrogant billionaire who also had the hots for Cosma and acted "pretty much like Reggie from Archie comics. The user even remembers his catchphrase, "That's Reginald [richpersonname] [richpersonname2] the Fourth to YOU!". The series was dubbed into English highly Amercanized, though obvious Japanese items such as chopsticks could be seen. The dialogue claimed that the show took place somewhere in the U.S. of A".

This anime was confirmed to be Urusei Yatsura. TurboGuppy watched Episode 41 and noted that it was exactly as he remembered from when he was a kid. He pointed out that in Episode 42, "Drunkard's Boogie", the pickled plums that Lum and Ten consumed were maraschino cherries. Another user stated that since OP watched Cosma before Urusei Yatsura was licensed in English (early 1990s), Cosma must have been a an unofficial dub, or" fandub" that aired on the Alaskan television station, and never made it into official histories.


Cosma the Invader Girl aired every weekday after "Family Affar" and before a talk show. TurboGuppy recalls watching the series every day during the summer, but soon stopped watching it during the school season because it aired at the time he was in class. He never saw the series again after that.


  • There was one where Cosma used a duplicator gun on Chris so she'd have a copy of him all to herself, but since they were EXACT duplicates they just cooperated against her and escaped. Her outer-space rival (she had long red hair and an extremely insincere laugh) got ahold of the gun and decided to make a copy for herself too, and before long the city was full of rampaging hordes of Chrises chasing after every woman in sight. This was confirmed to be Episode 38
  • There was one where Chris had to fight all the cats in the city to lift a curse on a beautiful girl who had been trapped in a cat's body as some sort of cat-human hybrid. The twist was (after Chris had defeated all the cats, naturally) that she had been cursed a very long time ago and turned out to be an old lady once the curse was lifted. This was confirmed to be Episode 43
  • Another episode had Chris' family preparing for and weathering out a hurricane. Cosma used an anti-gravity device to suspend all the water leaking into the house in mid-air, but as more water leaked in the house flooded from the bottom up and the top-down, and Chris and his family were trapped between two advancing walls of water. This was confirmed to be Episode 41
  • Another episode was about Celestia (or Crystalia, or something along those lines), ice queen of Pluto and old friend of Cosma, who opened up a portal to her homeworld in Chris' closet. On Pluto, Chris tried to get it on with Celestia, but a giant minotaur appeared and chased Chris (and everyone else) to a portal that lead back in time to the age of dinosaurs. When Chris and Cosma finally found a portal back to their world, all the dinosaurs that were chasing them came through with them and rampaged through the city. This was confirmed to be Episode 8
  • The episode about "The Phantom of the Auditorium" is probably episode Episode 37.

Theme Song

TurboGuppy remembers the theme song to this dub:

Meet Christopher, he's our hero

Class clown and all around zero

Destined to always come in last

But one day fate took a different path

Out of the sky came an alien race

Come to earth to take over the place

But instead of a ray-gun Chris got a girl

He got Cosma, the invader girl!

Now Cosma and her brother are his roommates

And Chris is torn between his feelings of both love and hate

If the world ain't your oyster you can still find a pearl

Like Cosma, the invader girl

And the universe is knocking on Cosma's door

Friends and foes who'd never even seen the Earth before

Chris' life is an adventure that's out of this world With Cosma, the invader girl

So join us for some crazy interstellar jive

And the cat who wants to make with every chick alive

Just kick back and relax and give her a whirl

Watch Cosma, the invader girl

Watch Cosma, the invader girl

Watch Cosma, the invader girl