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Cranberry Christmas clip

only known clip on internet

Cranberry Christmas is a Christmas Special brought to you by Ocean Spray,known for making Craisins,based on a book by Wende and Harry Devlin,though I never read the book.It came out in 2008,but I didn't watch it until 2009,and the last time I saw it was 2011,and I think it was censored that time.


From what I remember,it's about this grouchy old man with crusty teeth and this bearded guy with a hoarding problem,fighting over the ownership of this pond,which kids skate on and has cranberries growing under.There is also a little girl and a grandma,who are also main characters.They find proof that the bearded guy owns the pond,but then his sister says she is going to come over and see his house,and if it's messy,she's going to force him to live with her.So the little girl and granny help the bearded guy clean his house.Meanwhile,the crusty old guy hears that the sister is coming over,so he vandalizes the other guys house as a song similar to the grinch plays(In the 2011 airing,I believe it was censored).When the others go to the house later,they are shocked,but then they see the Christmas Tree.The little girl says anything is possible or something like that,so the house is somehow comepletely fixed before the sister comes.When she sees the house,she is so pleased,she decides to live with her brother.Then I think the crusty old guys character is redeemed and everyone is happy.


I think after 2011,it never aired again and it never had the home release.I can only find one short clip on youtube.So if anyone recorded it on vhs or something,please upload it on youtube.I know it wasn't that great,but I kinda miss it.


The movie has been found earlier this year