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A still from a recording of the concert.

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Creed Chicago Lawsuit Discussed on The Daily Show

A clip from The Daily Show covering the lawsuit.

Creed should be pretty familiar to people who know music that was popular in the 2000s. They were a much-hated American post-grunge band known for songs like "With Arms Wide Open" and "My Sacrifice". In December 2002, Creed were getting ready to end their world tour in support of their third album, Weathered, a follow-up to the massively successful Human Clay. They did a final show at Chicago's AllState Stadium on the 29, a performance that has gone down in many books as one of the absolute worst performances ever done by a major-label band.

For those unfamiliar with the story, it was the result of poor-decision making by frontman Scott Stapp. Having just recovered from a major throat infection, he was under orders to take very powerful antibiotics. Despite the multiple warning labels on the medicine bottle, Scott decided to down an entire bottle of whiskey before performance. The whiskey, naturally, had a bad reaction with the medication and made Scott appear inept and inebriated. He mumbled on incoherently for about 5 songs before suddenly deciding it was a nice time for a nap (no, he didn't pass out like multiple sources claim, he literally laid down and fell asleep). After a couple of minutes, he woke back up, realizing the show was still going and attempted to continue the performance before officials decided enough was enough and the show was ended early. Fans successfully sued the band for several million dollars and the performance was a contributor to the band's breakup the following year.

Aside from a few surviving stills of the performance, no video footage from the concert has surfaced. It is known that some exists, as fans claim to have taken video on early camera phones (it was a new technology at the time) as well as a couple of people who successfully snuck in their digital cameras. It is speculated that the footage is usually removed whenever it is put up online, as Creed's management wants to keep the band's reputation as clean as possible, especially with Scott's new "sober" lifestyle.