Crime Time is a animated short series produced by Future Thoughts Productions. The show is about a criminal name Shifty who perpetrates crimes from the sublime to ridiculous and never quite pulls them off, resulting in hilarious consequences. It is rendered in a graphic style reminiscent of UPA shorts. Crime Time gives the viewer a brief but comical look at the irony of crime. Taking on the spirit of old-world cartoons, the series uses sight gags and pacing to bring about a comedic scenario.


Produced in a combination of Flash and CGI animation, the creators utilize classic elements of storytelling to give this series a unique personality. The series, which consists of shorts varying in length from 90 to 180 seconds, introduces a comic anti-hero character Shifty (The Criminal) who seems to always be just moments away from successfully beating the system only to have his plans derailed by some unforeseeable circumstance. 120 shorts were made but only 92 shorts are accessible.

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