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iCarly is an American comedy show that ended its run in November of 2012. While the show was complete bits and pieces of episodes went missing after the episodes premiere. According to LMW user CryingNate - he remembers some. Here are some examples of the lost clips.


While Carly and Sam were explaining to the fans how they could send in their videos and they might be shown on the web show, they told them to be nice or they'll find where you live and TP your house. They would then raise toilet paper rolls in each of their hands and throw them behind them. 

iCarly Saves TV

When Spencer was telling the class about the fruits he never heard of, he picked out a guava. He then sounds it out for the class, in which they repeat. There was another scene where you could hear the gang's conversation in the limo on their way to the studio. There was one last one where the part where Freddie rubs ice on the sweaty guy's stomach, the guy asks Freddie if he likes jazz.

iGet A Hot Room

There are some segments in this episode that were cut from later airings to save time.

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