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Cybersix is an animated television series that features the protagonist 'Cybersix' as she fights the monster-of-the-week in an episodic format. The series had aired in the USA on the now-defunct television channel, Fox Kids, on 19 August 2000, and it ended on 4 November 2000.

Fox Kids had edited/censored their own version of the series to make it more appropriate for an American audience. The Opening Theme song itself was edited in halved and omitted scenes of violence. Three months later the series was pulled off the air, it had aired 10 out of 13 episodes.

It is possible that this version was recorded at the time of its airing but it has not been made available.

The Fox Kids Opening Theme song cut was made publicly available to the interwebs when it was uploaded to the RetroJunk website years ago[1].

The online user 'Stonegate Shadowlord" recorded five episodes on tape from the Fox Kids broadcast. He then handed them over to be digitized and uploaded by the YouTuber 'Media Finder'.[2][3]

An anonymous user emailed Media Finder a link to two more episodes on archive.org.[4]

Some changes they made:

  • Redubbed or cut out words and dialogue.
  • Censored violence.

Lost episodes

Three episodes:Yashimoto, Private Eye, Daylight Devil, and The Final Confrontation did not air on US television.

  1. Mysterious Shadow (FOUND)
  2. Data 7 & Julian (FOUND)
  3. Terra (FOUND)
  4. Yashimoto, Private Eye (non-existance confirmed)
  5. Lori is Missing (FOUND)
  6. Blue Birds of Horror (FOUND)
  7. Brainwashed (partially found)
  8. Gone with the Wings (FOUND)
  9. The Eye (FOUND)
  10. Full Moon Fascination (lost)
  11. The Greatest Show in Meridiana (FOUND)
  12. Daylight Devil (non-existance confirmed)
  13. The Final Confrontation (non-existance confirmed)


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