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The Cybersix animated television series was a Japanese-Canadian co-production, they adapted the show from an Argentine comic book series, it was then dubbed into several languages and sent out to the world. It was quite an international endeavour, being one of the first of its kind.

Known information


  • English
  • French (European)
  • Polish (voice-over translation)

Partially available

  • Spanish (Latin American)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Japanese

No information

  • Cantonese (?)
  • Malaysian
  • Thai

Probs has not been made

  • French (Canadian)
  • Italian (was cancelled in Italy)

Airdates and channels

The series was originally voiced in English, it aired in Canada on the channel Teletoon on September 6, 1999, as well as in the USA on Fox Kids on August 19, 2000.

It aired in Argentina in Latin American Spanish on Telefe on September 6, 1999, then the rest of Latin America on HBO-Olé,and in 2013, the series had reruns in the Chilean TV Channel "ETC" ; and then it aired in Spain in Spain Spanish on Buzz Channel. It aired in France in European French on Canal+ on December 15, 1999. It aired in Japan in Japanese on Kids Station on October 16, 2000. It aired in Poland in Polish on Hyper+ on October 1, 1999[1].

It was also dubbed and aired in Hong Kong (Cantonese?), Malaysia, and Thailand, and apparently Singapore[2], on unknown channels and dates[3]. The English, French, Spanish (Latin American and Spain), and Polish versions can be found, either through home releases or home recordings made available to the public. The Japanese rips are known to be out there somewhere however they're difficult to track down and obtain. And the rest of the languages, Cantonese, Malaysian, and Thai have not been found in any form or even mentioned anywhere. The airing in Italy was cancelled so its possible the Italian dub was not made. It's also possible that there is no Canadian French version since its common to use France French dubs in Canada, even when the Canadian version was made.

The Opening and Ending Theme songs were also dubbed in French and Spanish, however it is likely the other languages used the English or instrumental versions.

Partially found episodes

Japanese dub

  • Mysterious Shadow (FOUND)
  • Data 7 & Julian (FOUND)
  • Terra (FOUND)
  • Yashimoto, Private Eye (FOUND)
  • Lori is Missing (FOUND)
  • Blue Birds of Horror (FOUND)
  • Brainwashed (FOUND)
  • Gone with the Wings (FOUND)
  • The Eye (lost)
  • Full Moon Fascination (lost)
  • The Greatest Show in Meridiana (lost)
  • Daylight Devil (lost)
  • The Final Confrontation (lost)


Latin American Spanish

Character Voice
Cybersix/Adrian Seidelman Marcela Bordes
Lucas Amato Eduardo Bulnes
Von Reichter Guillermo Romano
José Carlos Lladó
Lori Anderson
Miao Yashimoto
Ikiko Yashimoto

Spain Spanish

Character Voice
Cybersix/Adrian Seidelman Diana De Guzmán
Lucas Amato Francesc Belda
Von Reichter Oscar Redondo
Lori Anderson Isabel Muntané
Julian Ana Romano
Terra Tasio Alonso
Miao Yashimoto Toni Mora
Ikiko Yashimoto Ariadna Jiménez
Elaine Maria Rosa Guillén
Grizelda Susana Danas


Character Voice
Cybersix Tomoko Nakajima
Lucas Amato Tesshô Genda
Von Reichter Takanobu Hozumi
José Nahomi Matsushima
Lori Anderson Reiko Kondou
Julian Ayumi Kida
Terra Tomohiro Tsubo
Miao Yashimoto Madono Mitsuaki
Ikiko Yashimoto Tomoko Hasegawa
Enrique Shōto Kashii
Elaine Naoko Koda
Grizelda Yoko Soumi










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