Cyberworm is a text-based Commodore 64 game developed in 1989 by Robert Bieńkowski. The game looks like a point-and-click type game, though you only point and click at the arrows allowing you to move. You play as a cyborg in debt hired by Mr. Jones to search the Cybernetic Company building for the parts for the Mark 3+ computer. The building has six levels and you unlock them by finding three-digit code. Occasionally there are guards you have to fight and at the end the boss is the programist guarding the Mark 3+. The game uses character graphics ripped from a previous C64 game called Aliens. Nothing else is known about the game, & the developer seems to have no relation to the one in Central Michigan History. Whether or not the game was completed is anybody's guess. The only available version seems to be released by the Fiction Software Service group.

Screenshot of the game.


  • Games That Weren't entry, containing one more screenshot and the "preview" version of the game
  • Ramos's review in the 4th issue of the "Komoda" magazine, April 2010, p. 18
  • The game itself
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