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'''Themississippikidd '''was a YouTube channel created sometime in 2009 and closed in late 2013 after receiving a copyright strike. The channel primarily consisted of reaction videos, vlogs, and game reviews, with other miscellaneous videos being uploaded often (such as rants, guitar videos, impressions videos, etc.). Sometime after receiving the copyright strike and closing the channel down, Tyler (themississippikidd's first name; his last name will not be stated out of respect for his privacy) opened up a new channel titled "wwefan1", in which he uploaded a fair amount of videos before once again deleting the channel sometime around 2015. Any videos from either channel have yet to be re-uploaded or mirrored, and it is currently unknown whether anyone has any of his videos saved.[[File:In Memory of TheMississippikidd|thumb|right|335 px|A memorial video Tyler's friend, Wariofan13, made for him after the former's channel got closed down in 2013. As of currently, this is the closest thing there is to a re-upload of any kind.]][[File:Themississippikidd interview-1|thumb|right|159px|An "interview" between Tyler and Wariofan13, a close friend of his.]]
The closest thing there is to a re-upload of any kind is a memorial video his friend Wariofan13 made for him when his first channel got closed down in late 2013. The video contains several clips from the "themississippikidd" channel, accompanied by the widely-known song "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. Wariofan13 appears at the end of the video giving a speech to the viewers on Tyler's behalf (or at least his channel's behalf).
As for the "wwefan1" channel, there are currently no re-uploads or mirrors of any of the videos from it anywhere on YouTube.
An "interview" between Tyler and Wariofan13 exists on YouTube and can be viewed to the right. The video contains a lot of information and history revolving around the "themississippikidd" channel and Tyler's video-making career. There were also multiple implications throughout the video that Tyler would be making a new channel, which was of course refering to the also lost "wwefan1" account.
==="themississippikidd" era (2009-2013)===
According to the memorial video, the channel was created sometime in 2009, and according to the interview video, the channel was originally created by Tyler's father, who let Tyler use the channel after overhearing a conversation between him and his friend (Wariofan13) about making a YouTube account. The first ever video uploaded to the channel was apparently a video titled "Metallica says pingas", which was supposedly about a lyric from the song "Ride the Lightning" by said band which sounded like "pingas" (a popular meme from the cartoon series "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog"). Sometime after the Metallica video, Tyler was introduced to Windows Movie Maker by Wariofan and began using that to make videos; he made various slideshow-type videos and sped-up versions of songs with the program.
If the interview video is to be believed, Tyler made a few videos in 2010 before going on a hiatus, and didn't begin making videos again until a year later after being given a Flip Video camera by Wariofan in summer 2011. Among the videos he made during this time were impressions videos (King of the Hill impressions, YouTuber impressions, etc.) and wrestling videos, as well as various other types of videos. He also apparently made a series of videos called "Themississippikidd Adventures" during this time but not much is known about this series, although going off of the title it's possible that it was a vlog-type series of some sort. He apparently went on another hiatus sometime around Christmas 2011 after his Flip camera broke and didn't begin making videos again until summer 2012 after discovering a webcam on his laptop. After which, he began making game reviews, reaction videos (arguably the biggest part of the channel), vlogs, and a GTA series among other videos.
He also began using Google Hangouts to make videos sometime around 2013, as well as dabbling a bit in YouTube Poop. Around September 2013 is when his channel got a copyright strike, due to using another YouTube user's video in one of his YTPs; after receiving the strike, Tyler had his father delete all of his videos and eventually his whole channel as well (although it's unknown whether it was Tyler that did this or if it was his dad). A little while after deleting the channel, Tyler created a new channel called "wwefan1".
==="wwefan1" era (2013-2015)===
Tyler created the "wwefan1" account sometime after deleting the "themississippikidd" channel. He made a fair amount of videos on this channel, including a Q&A video and a video addressing what happened to his old account, until he closed it sometime in 2015. It is not known why he deleted this channel.
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