Lost Media Archive

Daft Punk Is An Electronic Band Duo Formed In Paris In 1993 They´ve Created Such Beloved Tracks Such As Derezzed Get Lucky Too Long Musique & Robot Rock.

In 1994 They Made A Song Called The New Wave Followed By Their Song Track Drive Recorded By Soma Records In The Same Year. The Track Was Left Unreleased To The Public For Unknown Reasons & No CDs Or Records Can Be Found.

The Lost Song

In 2017 They Had Released The Remixed Version To The Original Track With 90s/80s Styled Genres The Real Track Remains Unreleased & Lost But Some Footage Exist Online. In 2013 A YouTube User Posted A Track Preview For The Song & The Song Was Reposted In Full Length By Users Since No Other CDs Exist Daft Punk Claimed That They Had Stored It Away & It Was Never Found & Many People Had Tried To Find The Track & Really Make It But Got Copyrighted Before Posting It Online Due To The Track Belonging To The Duo Themselves.


In 2010- Some Of The Tracks Footage Can Be Found On YouTube The Full Song Somehow Is Lost However Someone Did Find The Full Track/Song On A Virgin Record Statement Label & Posted On YouTube The Original Track Is However Lost.