Dalmatian Vacation
Stock footage from the musical sequence
Status Found (audio)
Lost (footage)

Dalmatian Vacation is a song from 101 Dalmatians: The Series. It is sung by the puppies, Roger, Anita and Cruella when they are on the road for their vacation in the UK video release of the episode of the same name. While the sequence was never shown in US airings of the episode, the song itself was released on The Music of Disney's One Saturday Morning audio cassette.

The song was written by Randy Petersen and Kevin Quinn, and was performed by Jeff Bennett, Tara Strong, Pamela Segall, Kath Soucie, and April Winchell.

The song is shown to be lost online, as a video for it has not been shown on YouTube since it was previously deleted from the website. However, only the audio of the song has been found on YouTube currently.


Lucky: We're headin' down the highway to adventure!
I hope our pet can keep this bus on track.
Anita: We'll see flora and fauna!
Cadpig:Will I meet the Doggy Llama?
Rolly: I'd love a candy-coated liver snack!
All pups: Dalmatian vacation!
Roger: Ain't it great to relax and unwind?
Cruella (speaking): BACK TO WORK!
All pups: Dalmatian vacation!
We're gonna have a tail-waggin' time!
Lucky: Maybe we can dig for buried treasure!
Cadpig: Or seek the inner pup inside of me!
Rolly: Our suppers would be super!
Roger (speaking): I forgot the pooper scooper!
Whizzer: I really need to stop and use a tree.
Rolly (speaking): Not again!
All pups: Dalmatian vacation!
Roger (speaking): You puppies settle down!
Cruella (speaking): Let's make a pit stop at the pound!
All pups: Dalmatian vacation!
We're gonna have a tail-waggin' time!
Spot (speaking): WAIT FOR ME!
All pups: Dalmatian vacation!
Cruella (speaking): Oh, pull over quick!
Lucky (speaking): I think Cruella's gettin' sick!
All pups: Dalmatian vacation!
We're gonna have a tail-waggin' ti-i-i-i-ime!


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