There are a few vids unreleased/unsurfaced vids.

That I will not likely release again or they were discarded for good.

Ill list the videos one by one and in what way they still exist on the internet.

Charmx Becomes Dirty In Front Of Thousands Of Fans [YTP]

This vid was supposed to come out but it was so bland and so bad.

That I had to discard it and there is one remaining screenshot of the video.

It had inspired me to make my upcoming vid that will be coming soon that I say is going to be awesome.

The Unfinished Two Series Of TDL

The first series was going to be called Tauy And The Hoorabaheries.

The idea for this series and the name of the channel The Dankk Lord.

Went far as back to March of 2018 when the original mission of the channel.

Was to bring out original content to the people.

Tauy was going to have live actors and it was supposed to be inspired by Filthy Frank and IDubbez.

It was also going to be really bizarre, the script was completed and it was planned to be filmed.

But it was never filmed due to the creator of the channel me.

Not knowing the locations of the people I wanted to hire for the series.

So it was canceled but for that reason.

In the future the series may come back to light for the channel.

The other series will not see the light of day again.

For one reason, it was a series unblantantly called Blanket Man.

That was going to be a live action show as well.

I wasn't trying to do it based of the famous homeless man that died 6 years ago.

Only two episodes were completed before the series was cancelled.

Episode #0 Planet Man Pilot: Status: Completed/Unreleased.

Episode #1 Blanket Man Wants To Become A Tissue: Status: Completed/Unreleased.

All the rest of the episodes remain either as notes or planned scripts or incomplete.

In the future if there is a popular demand In the future to release the two videos and scripts.

Then we will realizes the scripts as bonus features and the two episodes in the season one section.

Of the possible TDL Master Collection that may happen in the future.

TDL's Unsurfaced Unrealesed YT Channel Trailers

The first channel trailer had included what was on my channel a little while back.

It had included some of the classic TDL videos you can still veiw today.

But it had a lot of ads for dead discord servers one of the servers is sill running to this day.

The reason why so may of the servers are dead in this is because of raids from a group called c a t that is no longer a group.

There was raids on one of the servers that is shown called 8 Chan.

During this time when the first channel trailer was released I had no idea that there was already a site called 8 Chan.

The server was raided by another group named a w f the name was based off of a popular meme channel that pewdiepie may have supposedly ran.

It could have meant one of three things a w f was named that because they were fans of that channel.

The second thing it could have meant was that pews was responsible for the raid.

Or the third means it could have meant it was one of the worst raiding groups and it was saying a w f for awful.

There were two other videos that were in there that will never see the light of day in full length.

Until sometime in the future, the only way you can see the videos are in Charmx mixes a rhapsody of The Dankk Lord And FK, and Phil Swift Gets Infected By Normie Memes.

There is only one remaining screenshot of the original The Dankk Lord Channel Trailer.


The trailer was also in the cinemascope format much like the last trailer we have today.

But now even that trailer is gone and the channel hasnt seen alot of visitors over that past months.

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