Dark of the Night
Steve in Dark of Night from circa 2000.
Steve in Dark of Night from circa 2000.
Status Lost

Besides the year of release being 2000 and being made and directed by Steven A. Sandt, a notorious filmmaker who responsible for "The Time Machine (I Found at a Yardsale)", one of the worst films ever made. The only material that can be found about the movie online as far as now is this 1:40 clip. The only information about the plot is a comment made by the actor in the clip.

"It begins as a detective noir film, then changes to small monsters menace - finally ending in steam tunnels much like Dr. No's."[1]


Also the from another comment made from the actor in the clip.

"Alas, finding a copy will take some REAL detective work. The happy news is that the director, Steve Sandt, shot a new feature film that should be much easier get. "[2]




Steve in Dark of Night

A Clip from the channel of one veteran actor who appeared in both movies

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