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Religious moral tales are presented through the adventures of young Davey Hansen, his talking dog, Goliath, and Davey's sister, Sally, via charmingly crude clay animation. The show, geared toward kids, deals with issues including respecting authority and sharing. But many Dubs of the show are hard to find, because either they're Completely lost, or not recorded much in foreign countries, or they're copyrighted.

Lost Multilingual Dubs (Alphabetized)

  • Davey dhe Goliath (Albanian)
  •  ديفي وجولياث (Arabic)
  •  Դեյվին եւ Գոլիաթը (Armenian)
  •  Davey və Goliath (Azerbaijani)
  •  Davey і Галіяф (Belarusian)
  • Дейви и Голиат (Bulgarian)
  • 戴維和歌利亞 (Chinese)
  • Davey i Goliath (Croatian)
  • Davey a Goliath (Czech)
  • Davey og Goliath (Danish)
  • Davey en Goliath (Dutch)
  • Davey ja Goliath (Estonian)
  • Davey at Goliath (Filipino/Tagalog)
  • Davey ja Goliath (Finnish)
  • Davey et Goliath (French)
  • Davey und Goliath (German)
  • დეივი და გოლიათი (Georgian)
  • Davey και Γολιάθ (Greek)
  • ʻO Davey lāuaʻo Goliath (Hawaiian)
  • דייבי וגוליית (Hebrew)
  • डेवी और गोलियाथ (Hindi)
  • Davey és Goliath (Hungarian)
  • Davey og Goliath (Icelandic)
  • Davey dan Goliath (Indonesian)
  • Davey agus Goliath (Irish)
  • Davey e Golia (Italian)
  • デイビーとゴリアテ (Japanese)
  • 데이비와 골리앗 (Korean)
  • Et de manu Golíæ Davey (Latin)
  • Davejs un Goliāts (Latvian)
  • Davey ir Goliath (Lithuanian)
  • Davey a Goliath (Luxembourgish)
  • Дејви и Голијат (Macedonian)
  • Davey sy Goliath (Malagasy)
  • Davey u Goliath (Maltese)
  • डेवी र गोलोत (Nepali)
  • Davey og Goliath (Norwegian)
  • دیوی و گلیات (Persian)
  • Davey i Goliath (Polish)
  • Davey e Golias (Portuguese)
  • Davey și Goliath (Romanian)
  • Дэви и Голиаф (Russian)
  • Давеи и Голиатх (Serbian)
  • Davey a Goliath (Slovak)
  • Davey in Goliath (Slovenian)
  • Davey y Goliath (Spanish)
  • Davey na Goliath (Swahili)
  • Davey och Goliath (Swedish)
  • டேவி மற்றும் கோலியாத் (Tamil)
  • ดาวี่และโกลิอัท (Thai)
  • Davey ve Goliath (Turkish)
  • Дейві і Голіаф (Ukrainian)
  • Davey và Goliath (Vietnamese)
  • Davey a Goliath (Welsh)
  • דאַוויי און גאָליאַטה (Yiddish)
  • And a Lost UK Dub

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