In 1994, 14 episodes of the Christian children's show Davey and Goliath were burned by the Lutheran Church due to material that today's mainline denominations would consider unfit for airing on children's television, such as racial stereotypes and sexism. They were later found and re-edited and released on the Davey and Goliath: The Lost Episodes DVD. However, only 500 copies were pressed, with most of them having been destroyed by the same church. Of the 14 episodes, only two have been made available online.

The famous quote put on the episodes read "Thank you. You Dick." at the end of the credits of the people who made the episodes. However, the low quality of the tapes and minimal explanation have lead some people to believe that the others may not exist.

The video below is an edited version of an episode, not with voices from the producers at Clokey Productions. It was likely dubbed by someone else, only to contain more and more swearing. There was indeed more than these 2 dubbed episodes, but it's more than likely that they have since then been lost.


Warning: Watch at your own risk. These uploads are 6 parts of one of the 2 renaming VHS tapes that was recovered, featuring the original footage and unedited audio. Viewer digression advised, because videos contain sexism, racism, swearing, bad behavior, and adult situations.

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