Deja Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas is the direct sequel to Deja Vu and one of the four "Macventure" games released for the Macintosh. Like Deja Vu (and the other two, Shadowgate and Uninvited), Deja Vu II was to have an NES port published by Kemco, but it never got released for unknown reasons, although the game would later be ported to the Game Boy Color (where it was called Deja Vu I & II - The Casebooks of Ace Harding) and the Phillips CD-I.

As of 2015, no prototypes or ROMs of the NES version are known to exist, and the only thing that has surfaced are several screenshots, as seen below.


Deja vu 2 nes photo 2.png
Deja vu 2 nes.png
Deja vu 2 nes photo 3.png
Deja vu 2 nes photo 4.png


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