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In 2015 Director Derek Savage infamous for creating an educational film known as Cool Cat Saves The Kids Released a video on his YouTube Channel Explaining fair use . The Video was uploaded 1 week after Derek Savage issued a takedown notice againest A popular YouTube channel known as I Hate Everything.  


The Video Had Derek Savage explaining the problems with copyright infringement and giving evidence why videos of his content were considered copyright infringement and showed some websites discussing copyright infringement cases. There was supposed to be a 2nd part for the video explaining more evidence, However after Derek Savage stated at the end of the video that "Part Two Is Coming Tommorow" No 2nd part was posted and later on Derek took down the first part but has since been reuploaded by other Youtubers. Besides That No Other Information about the 2nd part has been released and is unknown if it even exists in the first place


  • The First Part Was Uploaded in November 2015 and the 2nd part would be released the day after.
  • It Is Unknown how much the 2nd part got into production.

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