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Detention was a 1999 television series that aired on Kids WB until it was cancelled in the year 2000. The show revolved around eight kids Shareena, Emmitt, Jim, Gug, Lemonjella, Orangejella, Duncan, and Shelly who would always find themselves in trouble with the school detention supervisor who acts like a drill sergeant.


Due to the show is not well known due to it not lasting very long on television, only three of the thirteen episodes can be found on YouTube in English. However, one episode can be found in Spanish. The other nine episodes are lost and cannot be found online. A blog titled Lemonjella's Lair has information on the lost episodes, but no links to the actual episodes. To this day, the only episodes able to be found are "What Did You Seance," "Shareena Takes the Cake," and "Too Good to Be Truant" are available in English, and the episode Capitol Punishment can be found with good effort of searching on YouTube.

Update: The series is now available on DVD and iTunes.